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MAP's Alt-Subscription Plan


Our goal is for 500 individual donors to give just 5 dollars each.


The money raised will be used to increase the stipends we offer to our artists and production staff for MAP's upcoming show.

Consider this:

(1) All of MAP's productions are Name-Your-Own-Price. This means that what you choose to pay for your ticket is the price you actually pay, with no service charges.

(2) We typically produce 1 show per year.

... so a traditional subscription model doesn't make sense for us.


What does make sense for us is to inspire five hundred believers to each throw a mere five bucks our way.


Do you believe...

  • ...that theatre should be available to anyone who wants to attend?

  • ...that ticket fees suck?

  • ...that the indie theatre scene is vital to our community?

  • quality over quantity?

Please consider joining our High Five Club!

Fill out the form below to donate $5, and join our club!

(On mobile devices or if the form isn't loading, go here instead.)

(If you see us in-person often, you can give us a fiver and call it good.)

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