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Sensitive Subject Matter in Blood Countess

MAP Theatre recognizes and cares that some audience members may need more information about sensitive subject matters in our productions. We also value preserving a "spoiler-free" experience for those that prefer the surprises of narrative to unfold in real-time. To balance both, we provide access for audience members to opt-in to warnings about sensitive subjects.

Blood Countess is based on an historical Hungarian figure in the early 1600's who allegedly tortured and killed girls to bathe in and drink their blood in order to stay young. This isn't a spoiler; it's the whole premise of the play. And it's a dark comedy; so, it's sometimes funny and sometimes horrific and sometimes both.

It contains canon-typical violence & themes of the time period, and genre-typical violence & themes of horror-com.

If you would like more specific details, please click here.

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