After several frank and in-depth discussions among the team of The Iris Intimacy, the MAP Gang has made the decision to significantly postpone our production from November 2020 until sometime in 2021

As stated in our promo materials for the show, MAP Theatre is committed to following all recommendations, protocols, and cautious & generous common sense related to COVID-19, and to all health & safety issues, including physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness.


It came down to two equal considerations:

(1.) Positive COVID cases are spiking — across Seattle, King County, WA state, and the whole nation. Winter threatens to be a tough road with COVID plus the flu. Our team all have families and lives that need to stay safe. While that is always true, the recent increased risk tips the scales for us from "reasonably safe" to "reasonably unsafe."

(2.) Peggy (show director & MAP producer) tested positive for COVID-19 in early November. Although no longer contagious, Peggy continues to exhibit respiratory symptoms and fatigue; and she needs the time to be able to rest and convalesce successfully.

We were always aware as we planned, rehearsed and designed our theatre/video hybrid production that we might need to pause or change course, depending on if the pandemic retreated (as we hoped) or rather advanced (as we feared). None of our work to this point was in vain. We've got our eye on 2021.


In the meantime, look for some upcoming short-run or one-night fully remote events from MAP!


Thanks for your support & love.

The Iris Intimacy

postponed to 2021




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ArtsFund, along with a coalition of arts and cultural organizations, created the COVID-19 Arts Emergency Relief Fund to provide short-term relief in the form of unrestricted grants to arts organizations which have been particularly hard hit during this public health emergency. 

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